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High-quality, modern lofts

The Neo Loft building is a cooperative work and residential space for creative people, forming a bridge between living and working.
It uses the modern world of the Internet as an example and creates a hybrid space between work process and living together.
The focus is consciously put on the production and creative process, which can be experienced and discussed by the user in a tactile way. Using state-of-the-art industrial production, spaces can be created here that will find their own individual expression through a classical façade from Germany's “Gründerzeit” with applications from more modern eras. This project is intended to provide an expression and opportunity for the needs of creative people of all stripes to be able to develop freely.

Object data

Address Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 28
10553 Berlin
Units 24
Floors 5
Elevator Freight elevator
Balconies yes
Room height 3,15 m
Areas ca. 125 – 350 m²
Parking spaces Underground parking